Low T1 Rates with Real Time T1 Line Quotes

The Advent of Real Time T1 Quotes

What has made the largest impact so quickly in the T1 market is the new plethora of real Time T1 quotes available from sites like,,,,, and others.

Tied to these sites are trained Industry experts who can provide an unbiased view of what multiple carriers can provide in a given area in terms of cost, quality, installation times, service level agreements, bundled solutions and more.

These experts tend to get you the best solution to meet your need and not pigeon hole you into just one carriersí solution which might not be a good fit for you.† Since they have access to such a large portfolio they can discuss what is important to you and find a selection of matches.† This saves you time and energy and the tedious task of hearing multiple sales pitches.† This consultation is free.† These select representatives who handle you order want to keep you as long term clients, therefore they work to get you the best possible deal.

T1s have truly been commoditized with this model and the customer benefits greatly.† Also these broker agents give an extra level of service to the carrier relationship itself.† All carriers have indirect sales channel support and they welcome this business model because it helps reduce their overall cost as well.

Give this new paradigm a chance, you get instant results on pricing and a industry expert can contact you usually within a few hours instead of days.

Breakthrough T1 Quote System Saves Time and Reduces the Sales Pitch

Date: 02/20/04

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